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EcoFlow's batteries powering an entire set outdoors.

EcoFlow manufactures portable
power stations and solar generators.

Their products, which often use lithium-ion battery
technology, provide clean and reliable power
for various purposes such as:

  • outdoor activities
  • emergency backup
  • off-grid living
  • and most important to us – film sets
Every set needs power.

EcoFlow products provide you with
the necessary electricity through their
EcoFlow River 2 and Delta 2 battery series.

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A picture of three EcoFlow's River series batteries outdoor.
A man carrying an EcoFlow battery while camping outdoors.

But, EcoFlow does not power only your set lights,
it powers everything from your on-set
coffee machine – all the way to your camera.

Anything with a standard plug
can be powered via their batteries.

As the weather gets warmer,
the indoor electrical sockets grow further.

So why not take them outdoor?

EcoFlow has more than we offer - visit their official website!