Terms and conditions

Reservations and gear renting

The duration of each rent is calculated as the number of nights between the pickup date and the return date of the equipment. In the case of same-day pickup and return, the duration is considered to be one day.

A reservation is not final until an explicit confirmation of equipment availability and appointments is sent by the Rental via email.

By making a reservation, the Client agrees to receive notifications and reminders related to the reservation via email and SMS messages.

In the event the Client needs to change appointments, gear list, other details, or canceling a reservation, the Client is obligated to inform the Rental in written form as soon as possible.

The Rental reserves the right to cancel a reservation without specifying reasons.

Depending on the value of the equipment and the rent amount, in certain situations the Client may be required to leave a cash deposit to the Rental.

Pickup and return of equipment are conducted in Zagreb at our office, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

Upon request, the Rental is able to ship equipment through a courier service to Clients outside Zagreb (within the country’s borders). In this case, the Client covers the shipping cost (both ways), is responsible for organizing the equipment’s return, and must send the equipment back to the Rental no later than the last day of the rental period.

In case the Client is late to the pickup appointment, the Rental retains the right to cancel the reservation and rent the equipment to another Client.

In case the Client is late to the return appointment, they will be obliged to pay a fee determined by the Rental based on the rent amount, equipment value, and duration of delay.

The Client commits to paying the rent amount before or at the time of pickup appointment, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

The Client is required to read and sign a rental agreement and present a valid identification document for inspection before or during the pickup appointment.


In cases where the total rent amount is less than 15 EUR, the difference up to that amount is charged to meet the minimum rent amount.

Pickup or return appointments outside the Rental’s working hours are charged 10 EUR per appointment.

Equipment liability

Clients must ensure that the Rental’s equipment is properly handled, following user guidelines, best practices and under safe conditions. Unless agreed otherwise, the Client assumes full responsibility for the rented equipment at all times between pickup and return.

If any of the Rental’s equipment is damaged or lost during the rental period (including during transport), the Client must immediately notify the Rental. The Rental has the right to retain (partially or fully) the cash deposit to cover the incurred damages.

The Rental is not liable in cases where Rental’s equipment causes any damage to any other equipment (including other parts of Rental’s equipment).

Extra options

Availability of extra options is determined for each individual rent.

The option of having a technician on set is charged based on the shooting location and duration. Availability of staff is determined upon the Client’s request.

The equipment protection option transfers the responsibility for the rented equipment in case of accidental damage from the Client to the Rental. This option cannot be contracted after the pickup appointment. The option does not cover the following situations: equipment theft, equipment loss, fire damage, water/liquid damage.

Gear protection option

You focus on getting the shot, while we cover any accidental damage to our gear*

Technician for hire

When you need an extra team member or want someone else to be responsible for our gear

Flexible pricing

Our price is out of your budget? Reach out and we'll try to offer you the best possible deal

Gear drop-off and pick-up

When you're not able to come pick up the gear, we can drop it off and pick it up directly to your set

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